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Written By: admin - Apr• 16•12


Today’s eggs come from huge indoor factories where literally millions of hens are kept in the most inhumane, disease-ridden conditions imaginable.

In the crowded “battery cages” of today’s egg factories, the life of a factory farmed hen is one of intense suffering. She is confined her entire life in a tiny cage with four, five (or more) other hens. There’s barely room to stand, let alone walk or stretch her wings. Normal behaviors such as nest building, dust bathing, perching, scratching the ground, and walking are all impossible.

HFA’s extensive investigation of the egg industry has revealed:

  • The advertising phrase “No Hormones” is used deceptively by the industry to lead consumers to believe eggs are raised naturally. The industry fails to warn of the enormous amounts of antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals used.
  • Up to five hens are crowded for life in a cage with the floor space barely larger than the size of a folded newspaper.
  • Feed additives are used to artificially color egg yolks in order to create a “natural” yellow appearance.
  • Barely able to move, the hens incessantly strike out in frustration – pecking at the only thing available: each other.
  • To reduce cannibalism, laying hens are “debeaked.” Debeaking is a painful procedure whereby the hen’s sensitive upper beak is sliced off with a hot blade. Many die from shock during the process.
  • Male chicks are of no value to the egg industry. They are thrown into plastic bags to suffocate slowly under the weight of chicks dumped on top. Others are ground into animal feed – while still alive.
  • Veterinary care is non-existent. Individual hens are considered cheap and expendable. Critically ill birds are simply thrown onto “dead piles”.


Anything goes, all right – antibiotics, pesticides, food poisoning, “debeaking” hens with hot blades, suffocating baby chicks, food and water deprivation, battery caging….

Excessive cholesterol is only one among many hazards posed by egg consumption. To keep millions of hens alive in the polluted egg factory environment, the industry relies upon antibiotics, pesticides, and other hazardous chemicals. The toxic dangers these hidden ingredients pose to consumers make the health hazards associated with cholesterol seem minor by comparison.

Can eggs from drugged and diseased hens possibly be good for consumers as the advertisements claim? Certainly not. Leading public health professionals warn that the wholesale misuse of antibiotics is creating hazardous strains of bacteria, such as salmonella. Many of these antibiotic resistant “super bugs” can be lethal to human beings.

Insecticides are not only sprayed around the cages but are actually mixed in the feed given to the hens. “Feed-through” insecticides are designed to make the excrement that piles up in and around the cages toxic to flies and other insects.

Over 98% of the egg market is under the control of huge agribusiness corporations. This surplus of cheap factory eggs is certainly no benefit to consumers. When the eggs you buy are tainted, the hidden costs are much higher than the price per dozen!

The Humane Farming Association believes all animals deserve to be treated with compassion and decency. Your boycott of factory farmed eggs and support of HFA will help end this cruelty.

Please join HFA today!

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