Humane Education

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Humane Education

HFA’s program to end the inhumane treatment of farm animals is far reaching and multi-faceted. HFA’s award-winning The Pig Picture documentary along with HFA’s Level I and Level II Farm Animal Educational Books are being used by teachers nationwide to explore the problems of factory farming.

HFA’s materials are receiving glowing reviews from parents, educators, and others who are looking for educational materials relating to farm animal protection. More meaningful, perhaps, have been the hundreds of emails, letters and art we have received from young people across the country.

The Pig Picture

The Pig Picture may forever change America’s image of the “Other White Meat.” Highlighting HFA investigative footage, this powerful documentary traces the development of commercial pig production in America – from the small-scale family farms of yesterday – to the corporate-owned pig factories of today. This acclaimed documentary details the natural behavior of pigs, the suffering of factory-raised pigs, the industry’s reliance upon antibiotics, and the environmental impact of factory farming.

The Pig Picture is appropriate for viewers of all ages and does not contain scenes of animal slaughter.

HFA’s Farm Animal and Activity Workbooks

HFA’s activity books are designed to challenge, inspire, and motivate children to think of ways in which they might directly make a difference for farm animals. Through the use of games, stories, and explanations of the problems associated with factory farming, these activity books reinforce the ethos of human compassion and kindness toward animals.

Level I: HFA’s Coloring and Activity Book (Ages 4-7 – approximate)

When a child thinks of a farm, various images come to mind: pigs happily rolling in the mud, chickens busily scratching in the dirt, or cows peacefully grazing in a field. The Level I: Coloring and Activity Book is designed to support this wholesome vision of how farm animals should be treated.

Some materials dealing with farm animals distance children from the fact that cows, pigs, and chickens are living, feeling, sentient beings. HFA’s Coloring and Activity Book is designed to reinforce what children already know: that farm animals – like all animals – have basic needs. Farm animals need fresh air to breathe, ample room in which to walk and run, and a healthful environment where they can express their natural behaviors. Each page is sensitively crafted to be thought provoking and educational.

Level II: HFA’s Story and Activity Book (Ages 5-14 – approximate)

HFA’s Level II Farm Animal Story and Activity Book features farm animal facts, creative games and activities and the compelling adventure of a boy named Scoop. The Level II workbook is designed to cover the wide range of awareness and sensibilities of school children of various ages.

Young readers are invited to embark on a journey. Through Scoop’s eye-opening adventures, they will learn that not all farms are the idyllic places they may have imagined. They discover that they can help alleviate the cruelty that many animals are forced to endure – and that they can make a difference in our world.

We invite you to participate in our efforts to end the mistreatment of farm animals. Planning a farm animal lecture, program or presentation can be a fun and educational experience for you, your class, or your family.

HFA’s educational materials can be ordered at HFA’s online marketplace.

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